Car seat regulations

9 05 2012

I don’t understand why some people are getting upset because they have changed the regulations for children sitting in car/booster seats. Really people, is it such a bad thing that people are taking interest in your child’s utmost safety. That they’re found to be much safer in a seat with a harness for as long as possible, then switching to a booster seat that prevents the seatbelt from cutting into their neck and stomach area by properly positioning the seatbelt below their neck and across their hips where it should be. I don’t see it as a money grab at all, you can buy a booster seat for as little as 20 dollars, they’re all made to fit the current safety standards, they can’t be on the shelves otherwise. For your younger child, harnessed seats now go up to great heights and around 65lbs, some for as cheap as $100. Why wouldn’t you spend a little extra money for the safety of your child.

My niece was injured in a car accident, she was above the age required to be in a booster seat, and about the right height that at the time was legally allowed to be in a regular car seatbelt. Her vehicle was hit by a drunk driver, she not only suffered a broken jaw (which had to be wired shut, and she lived off soft mush and liquids for weeks,) from flying forward and smashing her face into the window beside her, but her intestine was ruptured from the belt not properly sitting across her hips, rather it was across her stomach and the intense pressure and force of the accident, caused the seatbelt to damge her interal organs. After a few weeks in hospital, and intestinal surgery, to remove a large chunk of her intestine and reattach it, she was on the mend. Keeping her in a booster a little bit longer, probably would’ve prevented this, or at least the intestine rupture.

Did you know, until at least the age of 2, longer if they haven’t surpassed the requirements of their car seat, your baby should be rear facing!!! Yeah it’s true, I know people are thinking but it’s not fair to keep them facing backwards, they can’t see out of the window. My first thought is, they don’t know any better, they’ve been facing this way since birth. Most people’s next thought is, but isn’t it uncomfortable for them, their legs are bent, or they have to cross their legs. My response to that is, broken legs or broken neck? which would you prefer!!??!

Check out this video, a grandfather telling his grandson’s story, it’s unbelievable, and he is not the only person to go through this. Law is now they must be at least 1 and at least 22lbs, but recommendations are to keep them rear facing until their car seat no longer supports them that way, until at least age 2!

Most importantly… remember these four letters, RTFM. It stands for “READ THE FUCKING MANUAL”!!!
As boring as it may be to you, as much as you think you may know about installing the seat, it’s not all about installation. I just got my son a new seat, had I not read the manual, I would never have known on the bottom was a piece that flips forward to angle the seat upwards a bit for use in harness mode, and to have it flipped back to be flat when being used as a booster seat. It’s the little things you miss that could cost your child their life. Also for rear facing, buckles should be at or below their shoulders, but forward facing they should be at or above their shoulders. Little mistakes like this can be deadly, so make sure you know what you’re using, how to use it, and the proper way it is supposed to be used, each seat is manufactured differently, just because you know one doesn’t mean you know the other! RTFM!

Now read thisĀ and go check your baby’s seat(s).
Protect them the best possible way you can!



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